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I tell clients all the time that it is always about you and never about you. Things happen. Marriages fail. Jobs are lost. Loved ones move on and we  get caught in the aftermath. We are not responsible for everything that happens to us AND we are responsible for making meaning from the life we are living. How we make that meaning depends on how we view the world.

Many life events are neutral, but their impact on us can make the difference between wallowing in tragedy and recognizing opportunity. We believe in healing as opportunity. When you are ready, contact us, we will be here.

Today I invite you to show up

Sometimes we get stuck. I get that. No judgement. Life can get difficult, and sometimes a little help from a professional can make things better.


Hi, I'm Nilaja



Many of us have received the message that to be strong, we cannot also be vulnerable.


Somewhere along the way, vulnerability became associated with weakness.


But what if that's all wrong?


What if vulnerability is one of the keys to a fuller, more authentic, courageous life?


And what if you cannot solve your problems, change your habits or transform your relationships without it?

Okay, so vulnerability and authenticity can sound scary...depending on how you look at them. We can work together to reframe your thoughts so you can show up more genuinely every day.



Give us a call, we would love to hear from you.

Not sure if therapy or coaching is right for you?  Want more information about what to expect?

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