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An organization is only as healthy as its members.

Working in the human service sector can at turns be rewarding and incredibly taxing. Exceptional people engage in human oriented work and those people benefit most from organizations that recognize the health and well being of employees, even as

they support the health needs of their clients.

 Culture change requires clarity of vision,

commitment to purpose

and accessible tools. 

At Standpoint, we offer organizational consultations designed to increase the psychological resilience of the organization at large.

Based in the principles of:

- Emotional Intelligence

-Trauma Informed care

- Cultural humility


Our workshops vary from half day or day long experiences to

longer term relationships. Today's complex social and political

climates require workplaces to be responsive to the needs of their clients and employees

which means creating environments that promote mental wellness from the time someone enters the front door,

to the time they leave the building.

 Through training and consultations, Standpoint provides groups and organizations with the tools to transform environments of care

to places that reflect compassionate and relevant values for employees and clients alike.

Contact us for more information, we would love to build with you.


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