What we do

  • Individual psychotherapy for adults 18 yrs and older.

  • Group psychotherapy

  • Trauma focused couple's counseling

  • Premarital counseling

  • Grief counseling

  • Tele mental health (video conferencing)


We accept private pay as well as limited insurance carriers. Contact us for more information.

"Dr. Green is caring, wise and the true sense of the word healer.  Her words are  relevant during these times when we are seeking peace of mind."

- Stephanie M. Jones

  Educator, Entrepreneur, Artist


You are a leader, giving advice, seeing the way forward when others don't and creating solutions where others see none.


So, what happens when you are off balance, when something in your life needs your attention but you are not sure what to do about it? You have achieved so much and yet you feel stuck, something is "off" somehow.


We know true well being moves beyond the physical. And true leadership is as much "head" as  "heart." The intentional balance of many life areas working in harmony keeps us healthy and whole.


As a busy high achiever, balance becomes that much more important.


We offer customized integrative coaching programs for executives and leaders like you.  


Whether you are considering a career transition, needing clarity or searching for a new perspective on your own life, we can help you regain your footing!

You are a dynamic, complex and multifaceted being. 

Your coaching program should reflect that.

We offer customized coaching programs for individuals and groups.

Some programs use a team model so you will benefit from more than one perspective

and will have access to expertise in a variety of health related fields.

Whether you are just starting to think about making lifestyle changes,

beginning/restarting a new program, managing a new transition or

just wanting to try something new, we can help.

Our coaching programs draw from the hallmark principles of integrative care:

- Client centered: It's based on you, who you are and what you need

- Relevant: we use evidence based practice

- Measurable: we create goals related to specific targets

- Accountability: We are here to get you through it!


Health is not the absence of disease, but rather the presence of meaning, vitality, creativity and empowerment.


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