Writing for Growth

Many paths can direct us to more authentic versions of ourselves.

Writing is one of those paths.

We have been conducting community writing groups  and retreats locally for many years. We are available to host writing groups and workshops in addition to our online offerings.

We offer the following workshops on a seasonal basis or by request:

Making Space: A writing workshop for everyday heroes

This workshop is designed for you if you spend most of your day meeting the needs of others. This means you nurses, clinicians, social workers, teachers, clergy, activists and other "heroes." We almost never put ourselves on the "to do" list and we become disconnected from ourselves and the reasons we were drawn to our work in the first place. Writing connects the dots. We write to remind ourselves of who we are and why we do what we do. Join us on the journey. We offer a fun, constructive, judgment free space.

Online courses #Writeyourlife coming soon...

#Writeyourlife will include:

- Writing through grief

- "Joywriting"

- Personal Writing for Professional Growth

Contact us for more information about our writing workshops

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